No one cares about your logo

Make the logo bigger.

Designers hear this feedback so much it has become a cliché. As a company you probably don’t want to hear this, but no one cares about your logo as much as you do. When a designer places a logo in a layout they’re thinking about readability and balance. When you ask us to make it bigger, this affects the balance of the design. If your logo is legible, it’s probably big enough. Too many companies think their logo is the most important element of a design piece, but it isn’t. It’s at best a minor supporting element. And for the love of all that is holy, don’t put a giant logo on your website. You’re just eating up valuable screen space, and I promise you that your users already know what site they’re on and don’t need to be slapped across the face with it upon every page reload.

Everyone wants to be Apple. They have some of the most effective, most recognizable branding out there. Have you ever looked at logo size and placement of the Apple logo on their website?

It’s 20 pixels wide, and doesn’t even include text.

It’s also a fantastic logo. How can you tell? It’s recognizable at 20px. It’s one colour. It has no extraneous elements. It is one of the most successful logos in the world and it is minimally placed and sized everywhere that it appears.

Of course, you’re not Apple. You don’t have the kind of brand recognition to get away with such a minimalist approach. The important takeaway is this:

Be confident in your brand. Ridiculously large logos makes you look needy and a little obnoxious. Ask yourself this—have you ever looked at a branded piece of design that wasn’t your company’s and thought “This needs a bigger logo”?

I doubt it.