The mythical “creative”

Look, there’s no such thing as a “creative”. Designers and artists get this label slapped on them (often by themselves) and it makes us sound like mythical beings. Everyone is creative. Sure, some people are a bit more creative than others, just like some people are more organized than others, but it’s not a superpower. Designers aren’t born creative, it’s a muscle they exercise constantly. Anyone can do it.

Secondly, people like to throw out the term “be creative” like it’s a paintbrush that fixes any crappy idea. It doesn’t. If the concept behind your communication piece sucks, then no amount of “being creative” will improve it. Boring copy will always be boring copy, now matter how pretty you make it. Ill-chosen metaphors will always be ill-chosen metaphors, no matter what stock photo you pair them with. We’re not magicians, and the work we produce is only as good as its content.