Branding creative brief

This form will help me determine what you’re looking for in a logo/brand, which will dictate budget, as well as creative direction.


  • This question tends to make people nervous. They're afraid that if they disclose that information I’ll just tell them that’s what the work will cost.

    When it comes to spending your money, I am incredibly honest—often to my own detriment. I've turned away prospective clients by sending them towards cheaper or free solutions when those solutions were better suited to their goals and financial situation. I will always try to work with you and the budget you have (within reason—there is a certain amount that it's really difficult to go below).

    So if you have a ballpark amount in mind, I’ll tell you what you can get for that amount. Then we can talk about whether you actually need that much design or not. But most of all, what that number tells me is how to guide you toward the appropriate solution for you, and to stay away from solutions that are outside of your price range.

    Not everyone knows what their budget is. And that’s ok. It just means we’ll discuss a few options. Some below your price range, some above. It’ll take a little longer.

    But if you know what your budget is; let me know. It'll help us get to the point a lot faster. This is why it's the first question on the form.


Creative Direction

  • Here we get to the meat of who you are, which will help inform the visuals of your brand. Answer as thoroughly as you can—the more information I have, the easier it will be to hit the mark, and the less time we'll waste going back and forth.

Logo Specifications

  • Here's where we get a bit more technical, and dive into what kind of logo you're looking for and how it will be used.

Anything else?