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This will help me a sense of what you’re looking for so that we can come up with an estimate of cost and time involved, and put together a plan of action. Please fill out as much as you can so that I can be as accurate as possible.

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  • If you don't currently have a website, please skip to the next section: website goals.

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  • This question tends to make people nervous. They're afraid that if they disclose that information I’ll just tell them that’s what the work will cost. That’s partially true. I’ll tell you what you can get for that amount. Then we can talk about whether you actually need that much design or not. But most of all, what that number tells me is how to guide you toward the appropriate solution for you, and to stay away from solutions that are outside of your price range. Not everyone knows what their budget is. And that’s ok. It just means we’ll discuss a few options. Some below your price range, some above. It’ll take a little longer. But if you know what your budget is; let me know. It'll help us get to the point a lot faster.


  • Here's where we determine what kind of content you have for populating the website. What a website looks like depends almost entirely on its content. The rest is just cake decorating.





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